Boomer specs are as follows
(revised for new airfoil):
Boomer Flying Wing EPS
Wing Span: 33.5"
Airfoil: NEX07
Root: 13" including elevon
Tip: 6" including elevon
Avg. Cord 9.5"
Weight: 6.5oz
Wing Loading:2.941
The price of the Boomer is $60.00 +$6.00 S&H and, yes, the glue and tape are now included. If you see one fly you will know it's worth the investment. Here is a pic.
The little girl is my daughter; she started it all with the Boomer. Order your Boomer using Paypal or by sending check or money order, made out to Mike Baker, mailed to:
Mike Baker
North East Extreme R/C
73 Wilsey Road
Greenfield Center, NY 12833
Phone 518-587-5994
The Boomer
What's In Your Kit?

2-EPS Foam Wing Cores
2- 1/8" Balsa Elevons
2- Balsa Grip Pads
2- Hardwood Control Horns
1- Carbon Tail Boom
1- Boom Support
1- Carbon & Balsa Tail
2- Wire L-Bends
2- Wire Z-Bends
2- Carbon Control Rods
1- Strip of Shrink Tubing

Our Compliments

1- Roll 1.6 mil Tape
1- Spray Adhesive
International orders please use contact page
or phone us for cost and shipping details
518-587-5994 after 5pm Eastern